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North Pole, Alaska and Other Top Christmas Towns and Destinations

November 29, 2022 The ROAMies Season 4 Episode 204
The ROAMies Podcast
North Pole, Alaska and Other Top Christmas Towns and Destinations
Show Notes

Inspired by Rory's Christmas Show for the City of Lake Charles, and our drive home through Newport, TX, We got inspired to dive into the cities that become known for their Christmas festivities. Wherever you live or ROAM, dive into what your area cities have to offer for the holidays. Events,  Markets and Decor all contribute to the magic of the season.
For lights, decor and Christmas Markets,
London; Budapest; Opatija  and Zagreb  in Croatia;  Vilnius, Lithuania; Salerno, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Gdansk, Poland; Durango, CO; Newport Beach, CA; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Prague Czech Republic; Funchal -Madeira Islands, Portugal;
Edinburgh, Scotland; Malaga and Madrid Spain,
Opryland Hotel in Nashville!
San Antonio, Texas
and especially......
7. Tallinn, Estonia
6. Williamsburg, Virginia
5.  France : Montbeliard, Reims & Nice France, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, and Esp.Colmar, France.
4. Nuremburg, Germany,
3. Santa Claus, Indiana
2. Lapland, Finland,
1. Bethlehem, West Bank

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