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Celebrate 200 With Us! Listen to This Episode For Deets on Our Giveaway!

November 08, 2022 Season 4 Episode 201
The ROAMies Podcast
Celebrate 200 With Us! Listen to This Episode For Deets on Our Giveaway!
Show Notes

We are grateful to you, our listeners!
As a thank you  and celebration for our landmark of 200 Podcast Episodes, we want to give our devoted fans a chance to win $200+ worth of The ROAMies merchandise.
Giveaway Entries Deadline: Midnight, November 15th, 2022.
How To Enter:
1. Write a (new) Review of our podcast on your favorite podcast outlets. (Email us at with a photo/screenshot of the review(s) since we might not recognize your username as you).  You can post the same review on different outlets to increase your chances of winning.
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Dear Friend(s)/(Name) - Wondering if you could help out some friends of mine. They host a podcast called The ROAMies Podcast. The ROAMies are a husband-wife musical duo that travel all over the world. Because they travel so much, they host a podcast designated to the topic of travel and provide stories, practical tips and inspiration for a  healthy, busy, and on-the-go lifestyle. I thought this would be up your alley and inspire you. You can subscribe to their podcast through this link for Apple and this link for Spotify. Enjoy, and they said to tell you thanks for subscribing. :)

The person with the most reviews, shares, and emails sent by midnight central time on November 15th, will be the winner.  If you win, we will contact you for your hoodie size and shipping address.

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